A bit about me - dt

Photography is my life. I live, eat and breathe photography...I am that annoying friend/family member with the camera.

My lust for images began as a small child wishing to document the family memories...those moments in time that can never be relived. I still aim to capture those visuals. And in the process to make the experience between myself and my clients as pleasurable and seemingly effortless as possible.

Over the years I have photographed people, pets, buildings, flora & fauna, nudes, a witnessed emotion...almost anything that sweeps across my vision. When asked what I photograph I jokingly say "anything with two or four legs" but the reality is I like the still image no matter the subject including florals, gardens, junkyards, abandoned items...anything, anyone. Everything and everyone has a story. Photography is simply my way of telling it.

Currently I am working on a project entitled DIRT (farmers and gardeners) Second to my love of photography is gardening/farming and of course I should mention my 4 legged family, two legged family and friends are numero uno.

Stay tuned ...much more to come.